UA Tavor X95 and Tavor 7 Pistol Grip

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The Underworld Arms X95/Tavor 7 pistol grip is an injection molded polymer grip designed to replicate the oval profile common to AR-15 grips such as the Magpul, BCM, Strike, and LWRCI grips.

The profile of the grip blends with the body of the tavor platform transforming the stock round "broom handle" profile into the more common and ergonomic oval profile which allows for easier indexing and torque. 

The UA X95/Tavor 7 grip features recessed side texture panels and front and rear serrations. Included with the grip is the mounting hardware: an M6 socket head bolt, M6 washer, and M6 locking washer. 

When installing the grip be sure you tighten the M6 bolt fully, the included washer will leave a clear imprint of itself on the inside of the grip, this is normal. 

PLEASE NOTE The X95 rifle and magpul moe grip pictured are for reference purposes only and are not included with this listing. 


Customer Reviews

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Alfredo Fernandez Jr
Very nice for the price point

So far so good. The quality seems great and I love the feeling of the grip.

Mark Brady
Tavor 7 Pistol Grip

Easy install and a great fit. I would like to have a FDE version but black works for now.

Massive Improvement

I bought one on a lark to put on the X95 I passed down to a family member when I managed to get a .300blk one for myself as a way to further distinguish the two.

This grip is SO MUCH better than the factory one. I am extremely disappointed there isn't an FDE option or else I'd have bought one for my own X95 the moment I felt it in my hand.

Much better than the factory grip

I like this a lot better than the factory cutlass grip; my only real complaint is that it's not available in OD green yet.

Much Better Than Expected!

Not happy w/the X95's factory 'cutlass' grip, I wanted the X95 factory pistol grip. Unfortunately, they're currently unobtanium but I did find this AR-style Underworld Arms grip while searching.
Wasn't sure I would like it but thought it would do for now until I could get the factory pistol grip.
Wow, was I surprised to find out just how much better this grip is than the factory cutlass grip! Comes to the hand quite naturally and feels good.
I like it so much I'm seriously reconsidering whether or not I want the factory pistol grip if/when it becomes available.
Quality appears good and installation is a breeze.
Hight recommended for the X95 if you're looking for a thinner and/or AR-style grip!