UA Drop In Side Charging Handle AR-15 AR-9 AR-47

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The Underworld Arms side charging handle is the final evolution of a design we have been making since 2013. Our charging handle is machined from billet 7075 T6 and is a drop in replacement for your AR-15, AR-9, AR-47, KS-47, or AR-V.

A side charging handle allows for more efficient and ergonomic operation and does not require breaking the cheek wield to use. Please note this side charging handle will not fit in an AR10 platform, please check our other listings for our AR10 style side charging handle. This product has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect or failure from normal operation. The warranty does not cover end user induced cosmetic damage such as dings or scratches. 



Insure rifle is unloaded and safe, separate upper, remove existing charging handle, lubricate and install side charger, re install upper.  

If your scope mount/rings have large bolts protruding spin them so they are on the ejection port side of the rifle. Will not be compatible with optics that have a wide base, a riser with a lower profile will be required in those cases. 

Tech Specs
Material: 7075 T6
Finish: Mil-Spec Hardcoat Anodized Matte Black
Weight: 2.9oz
Length: 6.8in

Customer Reviews

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Pat Sotherlund
UA Drop In Side Charging Handle Aero Precision EPC 9mm

This is a simple, effective design unlike some competitors designs. I would not change anything about it. I have arthritis in my hands and recently had a total left shoulder replacement. A blowback 9mm AR has a stiff recoil spring. This set up makes charging easier.

Minh Pham
Works as designed

Build quality is phenomenal.

Be aware that this might leave marks on your optic mount. Might have to use tape or felt to prevent marking.

Game changer

I just received my new charging handle and all I can say is wow, just wow. I run a 7.62X39 AR with a heavy buffer and an extra strength buffer spring which makes the already awkward AR charging design even more painful. This design has transformed what kind of sucked to perfect. I was concerned about possible torque issues but have found none. You won't be disappointed. Bravo underworld arms.

Joe C.
A perfect choice

I purchased this while looking for a side charging handle that fit the theme of the rifle I was building. At first I was worried about any possible torsion or charging issues as I had never heard of the company before. From a quick search online it was fairly positive and gave it a shot. Upon arrival the product was well packaged and extremely durable. I had no issues dropping it in and charging the rifle. The finish is picture perfect and i would buy it again if I ever needed another side charge for a future project.


Put on my ks 47. Love it. Only fault is you can't put irons on because the charging handle won't fit

What style irons are you having an issue with? I run iron sights with all of my side charging builds, I like to run the magpul metal buis and the accu-sync 45 degree canted iron sights on the majority of my builds but I also have a real HK-416 upper/parts kit built on a brownells imported 416 forging lower and I run the Hk 416 factory irons that came with the parts kit on that one with a side charging handle.